The Top 5 Most Useful, Time Saving and Handy Wood Working Accessories That Will Make Your Life Easier!

Last night I was hanging out with a couple of my friends for a couple of beers, which also happen to be carpenters, and naturally carpentry came up, since all 3 of us love it.
One of my friends was talking about how he got a new accessory which made his life so much easier (Accessory #3 in this list!), and we ended up discussing what our favorite accessories were!

At some point during the conversation I thought to myself, 'Why not share these accessories with my other fellow carpenters and help make their life hassle free?' And here we are! I will leave a link for each item in the list so you can find more details about these accessories! Let's go!

1. Adjustable Wristband Tool Holders

Having one of these wristband tool holders is great, having one on each hand is fantastic! This tool provided me with a "third hand" for ALL my DIY projects, it was the solution to holding nails in my mouth or making endless trips to the toolbox! I found it is especially useful when using ladders!


2. Flexible Shaft Bit Extensions

I cannot tell you how many times this flexible shaft bit extension has come in handy for me! I used to feel so frustrated not being able to fit my drill in awkward places, but then I found out about this flexible extension and I immediately bought it! So far, so good!

Check this product out for more information by clicking here!


3. Panel Carrier. Labor Saving. Back Saving.

We all know that having any back injuries isn't a nice feeling, so I'll just let this video do all the talking!

Check this back saving tool out by clicking here!

4. Organization Tool Box

I am a very organized person, and sometimes, certain circumstances require us to move some of our tools elsewhere for a job. The best solution I've personally found to keep all my tools organized when moving them around for small jobs here and there is this impact resistance tool box. If you are often out and about helping friends and family with your woodworking skills whenever needed, then this tool box or any similar tool box is for you!


5. Workshop Heavy Duty Apron

With this apron I get to keep my cell phone, a pen, a towel and any other essential tools with me close at hand in the workshop! This heavy duty apron changed my life, literally! It made my work easier and faster as well!

I hope this list has been of some help to you! I really enjoyed creating this list for you and I have decided to start writing more and give more value to the woodworking community!

For now...That's All Folks!